BAF® Request: SYDNEY-FS-612-Cybercurrency Expert Witness



A leading law firm has retained ICG to find an expert witness for a major new client. They are looking for a senior cyber currency expert to provide expert witness input for a proposed backdoor ASX listing and/or associated transactions.

The Role

The successful professional will be responsible for:


  • Working closely with the legal firm and its client counterparts
  • Reviewing materials
  • Providing expert opinions
  • Supporting the development of the legal case
  • Providing expert testimony
Senior Cyber currency Expert 

The successful professional will have recognized expertise in local and global payments and in all forms of blockchain and cyber currency and its operation, trading and valuation.

The successful professional will have significant knowledge of distributed ledger technology underpinning Blockchain and other cyber currencies.  They will have a demonstrated track record of successfully supporting the assessment and implementation of blockchain applications and trading.


Ideally the professional will have significant experience in:


  • Significant experience (3-5 years) as a management consultant or industry executive
  • Complex multi-business, multi-geography enterprises
  • Financial Services
  • Awareness of and potential dealings with a variety of relevant legal and regulatory stakeholders relating to Blockchain

Logistics, Location & Rate

Starting immediately. Time commitment is expected to be significant. Time will likely be billed on an hourly basis and will be invoiced monthly.

Location: Melbourne

Interstate and offshore candidates will be required to pay for their travel and accommodation expenses.

Rate:  Final amount to be negotiated with the client.Applicants are invited to provide an indicative daily rate so they client can trade-off expertise and cost.

Close Date and time specified below

 Auckland 7:00pm Friday 14 December 2018   
Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane  5:00pm Friday 14 December 2018    
 Singapore 2:00pm Friday 14 December 2018  
Paris/Brussels/Stockholm  7:00am Friday 14 December 2018   
 London 6:00am Friday 14 December 2018  
 Toronto/New York 1:00am Friday 14 December 2018  

We will review all APT’s and select the best 3. The client will then conduct interviews.

To apply for this BAF® Please log into the link below to apply online to ICGs new Application Tracking Software (ATS) and confirm that you are available (or will make yourself available) for interviews at the client’s discretion.

If you are aware of suitable candidates for the role that might not already be ICG Accredited Professionals, please forward this email to them and ask them to review our website.