ICG is your one stop shop for agile consultants, whether you want a facilitator for a half-day workshop, a consultant to build capability or be an interim manager, a small focused team or a large transformation team – ICG will provide agile fit-for-purpose accredited professionals within 48 hours.

ICG is one of the world’s largest professional communities. We accredit professionals and subject mattter experts and aggregate them into powerful teams with our clients, combining agile consultants with the perfect combination of publications, methods, learning and development and services to get the job done. We accredit professionals using a professional association like methodology and use a twenty first century patented curation technology called the BAF® Best Accredited professional Forward to help our client select the perfect professional(s) for their needs. To see the power of the BAF® process watch the video below.

Practices are communities of accredited professionals that collaborate to further their knowledge and expertise, to share best practices and to build well-architected component libraries of publications, methods, learning and training modules and complementary services to their activities.

From its inception, ICG has delivered services to clients around the globe. As local practices have formed and flourished, they have combined into thriving global practices. ICG structures its practices around functional areas and industry sectors and major global themes.

  • Functional areas include traditional practices such as Change Management and Human Capital, and new areas of applied science including Business Intelligence, Strategic Execution, Cyber-Security and Power of the Crowd Innovation.
  • Industry sectors include traditional areas such Government and Telecommunications, and emerging industries such as Robotics and Online education.
  • Major global themes include Digitisation and Sustainability

Our final practice areas are Support Services. ICG provides a comprehensive range of services to its clients and accredited professionals in areas such as Event Management (and conferences); Training Services (curricular design and learning platform build); and professional support services such as Report Production and Design, Research and Data analysis and Accounting, Insurance, and Contract support.

ICG also has a thriving role in Social Impact – for examples, see here.


Internal Consulting Group is divided into practices by Function, Industry and Geography, as well as Support Functions. Click the below filter tiles to isolate relevant senior professionals, and contact them or your preferred professional to run a BAF® across our growing global professional base.

Senior Advisor Customer Acquisition Strategy – Mark S. A. Smith

CEO Auckland HUB, Practice Leader for Industrials – Marc Potter

CEO Brussels HUB, Practice Leader Internal Consulting Effectiveness – Vincent Lion

CEO London HUB, Practice Leader Operations & Technology – Allan Barr

CEO Melbourne HUB, Practice Leader Financial Services – David Cartwright

CEO Paris HUB, Practice Leader for Retail Industries & Luxury Goods – Jean Piquet

CEO Stockholm HUB, Practice Leader Strategy – Gopal Sondur

Toronto HUB Co-Founder, Practice Leader Organizational Effectiveness & Global Partner – Gerry Purcell

Practice Leader Agile Risk Management – Clive Martin

Global Practice Leader – Michael Roch

Market Leader Sydney HUB, Practice Leader Strategy & Training – Himanshu Dua

Practice Leader Analytics & Insights – Elaine Oei

Practice Leader Change Management – Paul Delahaie

Practice Leader Risk & Compliance Management – Egbert Schaefer

Practice Leader Change Management – Sarah Bellenger

Practice Leader Change Management & Leadership – Catherine Tanneau

Practice Leader Corporate Finance – Randolph van der Burg

Practice Leader Corporate Governance – Henri Eliot

Practice Leader Customer Experience Strategy & Design – Lisa Hickson

Practice Leader Financial Services – Andrew Boyles-Varley

Practice Leader Financial Services – David Moloney

Practice Leader Leadership & Executive Development – Wade Azmy

Practice Leader Marketing – Sylvain Cariou

Practice Leader Operational Strategy – Jeff Holland

Practice Leader Pricing – Alain Meloche

Practice Leader for Retail & Business Banking Products – Julian Cappe

Practice Leader RPM – Leslie R Hines

Practice Leader Wealth Management & Superannuation – Barry Johnston