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BAF Request

  • Please fill in the fields below to submit a BAF® Request for approval. Remember:
    • Keep the information you provide exciting, interesting and accurate.
    • Do not disclose too much information, to ensure you protect the client organisation's confidentiality.
    To see an example of a previous BAF®, please click here. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].
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  • Please enter a short paragraph about the client organisation requesting this BAF®. You should include the following: industry; whether private or public, mutual, NFP, etc; reference to scale (e.g. start-up, local or multinational brand); and reference to products/services offered.
  • Please provide details about the role this BAF® relates to. You should include a position description which covers experience required, responsibilities, reporting requirements, [X, Y, Z]:
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  • Which ICG Hubs should the BAF be issued to?
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  • Please enter the daily gross rate for the role, or a range if appropriate.
  • Please provide details (phone and email) so we may verify the authenticity of, and approve, the issuance of this BAF®
  • If you were referred to this process by an ICG Professional, please provide their name (first name and surname).