BAF® Request: (INTERNAL) SYD-560 Australian Business Excellence Framework / Capability Review Model Specialist


This is a BAF® Best Accredited Professional Forward request. ICG is seeking interested and available accredited professionals to respond to a potential resource request.


An ICG Boutique is looking for a Specialist in the Australian Business Excellence Framework and / or the Capability Review Model and its application within government (preferably local government) for inclusion in a proposal for a local government project.


The successful accredited professional will form part of a 2-3 person team bidding for work with a government authority to work with an internal client team to conduct an organisational performance review over a seven month period from May to November 2018. At this time this is a request to include the consultant’s CV in the bid.

The potential client is looking for a consulting organisation to work collaboratively with key stakeholders in developing a shared vision and action plan for improving organisational performance and strengthening the capability of the organisation to anticipate and respond to known and emergent challenges and opportunities.

Australian Business Excellence Framework or Capability Review Model Specialist

The successful consultant would provide their CV as part of the bid and, if the bid is successful, provide advice and expertise on the application of the chosen framework to help structure the approach and outcomes from the review. 

The extent of involvement will depend on the consultant’s expertise, their experience with such reviews, their other skills, and the needs of the client.   We anticipate the work would involve 10 days consulting time spread throughout the engagement with some opportunity to extend depending on experience and needs.

The successful professional will have:

  •  A demonstrated expertise in using either the Australian Business Excellence Framework or the Capability Review Model to review the performance of government (preferably local government) organisations
  • Experience working collaboratively with internal review teams in the use of the framework to improve performance in government organisations
  • A track record of learning critical success factors from such reviews to improve performance improvement outcomes for the client.

Ideally, the professional will also have an understanding of the performance challenges facing regional local government in NSW and options to manage some of these challenges.

Logistics, Location & Rate


Logistics: Commencing early May for approximately 10 days spread over 7 months as part of a 2-3 person team.

Location: Sydney and environs

Offshore and interstate candidates will only be considered if they cover their own travel and accommodation expenses.

Rate: Daily gross rate $1600 to $1850 AUD dependent on skills and experience should the boutique be successful in winning the bid for the project.

 Date and time specified below.

AKL 7:00pm  Monday 23rd April 2018
SYD/MEL/BRI 5:00pm  Monday 23rd April 2018
SGP 3:00pm  Monday 23rd April 2018
PAR/BRU/STO 09:00am Monday 23rd April 2018
LON 08:00am Monday 23rd April 2018
TOR/NY 03:00am  Monday 23rd April 2018


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If you are aware of suitable candidates for the role that might not already be ICG Accredited Professionals, please forward this email to them and ask them to review our website.