BAF® Request: AKL-ID-Customer Insights-406-Customer Strategy Consultant



A new ICG client is looking for a Customer Strategy Consultant to work with their transformation team to design a customer strategy.

The Role

The successful accredited professional will lead the creation of a comprehensive customer strategy underpinning the client’s corporate strategy, that identifies key customer segments, target value propositions, winning service models, and an implementation road map.

Customer Strategy Consultant

The successful accredited professional will work within a client team environment.  They will assess work done to date on the client’s overall strategy and then bring a sharp focus to the required customer strategy required for success.  This will include generating a customer segmentation that provides direction for creation of competitive customer value propositions, marketing and selling activities, contributes to service model design, competitive analysis, and customer management.   They will coordinate with teams designing customer insights for initial strategy and designs.  They will demonstrate the value propositions available based on the addressable market, current competitors, research into overseas business models, work completed to date by the client, and facilitating innovation sessions amongst client personnel and their collaborators.  With the client team they will focus in on the high-opportunity customer value propositions based on analysis of the market and client capabilities, with key goals by customer segment.  They will contribute customer understanding to teams designing service models, which will underpin operational and financial analysis, and they will help craft the required business cases to implement these customer strategies.

The successful accredited professional will have experience in customer segmentation and application to marketing programs and service model design.  They will have experience in developing and testing value propositions and translating design work into business cases.  Using their implementation experience they will help design road maps for implementation. Good engagement and workshop facilitation skills are required as well as an ability to write executive submissions and business cases.

This is a hands-on role with the opportunity to work in a transformation program with senior executive sponsorship, making a difference to the team and organization at the critical front end of the business.

Ideally the accredited professional will have:

  • Significant experience (3-5 years) as a management consultant or industry executive
  • Experience in customer segmentation and value analysis
  • Design AND implementation experience
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience in business case preparation and presentation
  • Experience in service and/or logistics industries

Logistics, Process and Rate

Logistics:  Wellington location – 2-3 days/week on site; Starting 17 October for initial three month period with a potential to extend for a further three months.

Offshore / Interstate candidates will only be considered if they cover their own travel and accommodation expenses.

Process: APT’s must be lodged by the time and date specified below.

AKL 1:00pm Thursday, 29 September 2016
SYD/MEL 10:00am Thursday, 29 September 2016
SGP 8:00am Thursday, 29 September 2016
PAR/BRU/STO 2:00am Thursday, 29 September 2016
LON 1:00am Thursday, 29 September 2016
TOR/NY 8:00pm Wednesday, 28 September 2016

We will review all APT’s and select the best 3. The client will then conduct interviews.

Rates: Final amount to be negotiated with the client, however, depending on level of experience and seniority, the daily rate range for the Customer Insights Business Lead would be between NZ$1,200 and $1,400.

To apply for this BAF® you should submit your ICG Accredited Professional Transcript (APT’s) in the required format (in ICG GDrive here – Accredited Professionals only) to [email protected] and confirm that you are available (or will make yourself available) for interviews at the client’s discretion.

If you are aware of suitable candidates for the role that might not already be ICG Accredited Professionals, please forward this email to them and ask them to review our website.