This is a BAF® Best Accredited Professional Forward request. ICG is seeking interested and available accredited professionals to respond to a potential resource request.


ICG is always striving to be the world’s best platform for consultants and boutiques to virtually scale their business. ICG’s clients around the world have recently begun demanding much stricter privacy and security controls and systems on its third-party IT and consulting suppliers. This increases the cost of doing business with larger clients and makes the ICG platform the go-to destination for consultants wishing to access established panel relationships with large clients.

ICG is therefore looking for an experienced professional to join its team on a short initial contract with potential for some light intermittent support to ensure it is reviewed and maintained in accordance with ICG client requirements. 


The successful accredited professional will be accountable for providing a suitable template and working with ICG’s senior management and client relationship leads to customize the document to meet current and likely future requirements domestically and where possible globally of ICG’s information security management system (ISMS). This activity may eventually lead to certification against an ISO or other standard.  


The following ISO 27001 security controls documentation need to be prepared:

  • Information Security Policy
  • Organisation of information security
  • Human resource Security
  • Asset Management
  • Access Control
  • Cryptography
  • Physical and environmental security
  • Operational security
  • Communications Security
  • Systems Acquisition, development and maintenance
  • Supplier relationships
  • Information Security incident management
  • Information security aspects of business continuity management 
  • Compliance
Security and Compliance Professional 
The successful professional will work to quickly create ICG’s information security policy and ISMS documentation.

The successful professional will have deep and recent experience in preparing the above documents and have access to an existing library of suitable templates that can be quickly customized to meet ICG’s and ICG’s client needs. They will have demonstrated track record of working in a fast paced, entrepreneurial environment with senior professionals and have a pragmatic, lean start-up approach to their work.


Ideally the accredited professional will have significant experience in:


  • Significant experience (3-5 years) as an information security consultant or industry executive
  • Understanding of third-party assurance, ISMS,and ISO 27001 standards
  • Experience with global or multi-geography enterprises
  • Experience working with large institutions such as Banks and Government agencies
  • Familiarity with Australian and global regulation in this field 


Logistics, Location & Rate


Logistics: Starting immediately

Location: Sydney or Melbourne only

 Rates: The successful candidate will be paid ICG’s senior internal rate of A$1,000 net per day (or part thereof).  



 Date and time specified below.

11:00pm Monday 9 July 2018 
9:00am Monday 9 July 2018 
7:00am Monday 9 July 2018 
PAR/BRU/STO 01:00am Monday 9 July 2018
LON 12:00am Monday 9 July 2018
TOR/NY  7:00pm Sunday 8 July 2018

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If you are aware of suitable candidates for the role that might not already be ICG Accredited Professionals, please forward this email to them and ask them to review our website.