BAF® Request: MELBOURNE-608-FS-Superannuation-Business/Strategy Consultant



Our client is an Australian industry superannuation fund, managing over $9.5bn on behalf of over 75,000 members. It provides services covering financial planning, transition to retirement, aged care planning, pensions and insurance; as well as offering banking services through its 100% owned bank, which is an existing ICG client. 

The Client is looking for a senior strategy / superannuation consultant to take a lead role in reviewing and building out its existing high-level business strategy and converting that strategy into an actionable business plan.  It is envisaged the initial work will take place over a 4-6 week period; with the potential for a further“implementation” plan phase depending on the outcome of the initial plan.

The Role

Ideally the candidates should have:


  • Extensive strategy and business expertise either gained as a strategy consultant or within internal business strategy / planning areas – with experience in superannuation and/or integrated wealth services organisations operating superannuation funds
  • Experience in pulling together and reviewing detailed strategic business plans for a major division or business unit of a super fund or multi-faceted Wealth services organisation or similar financial institution
  • Ability to structure and prepare compelling ECXO level presentations. 

Candidates must also have the maturity to deal with senior management and, if required, be prepared to present outputs to senior management and/or the Board.

Logistics, Location & Rate

Logistics: The Client would like the role to commence as soon as possible with the aim of significantly advancing the work pre-Christmas. The initial review, deep dive and development of an initial plan is expected to take approximately 4-6 weeks to

Location: Melbourne CBD. Although the work will require face-to-face interviews and initial information gathering in Melbourne, the client is flexible as to where the consultant is based, having previously worked with Sydney based ICG representatives

Offshore and interstate candidates will only be considered if they cover their own travel and accommodation expenses..

Rate: The Client is proposing a daily gross engagement rate of $2000.

Close Date and time specified below

 Auckland 7:00pm Thursday 15 November 2018   
Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane  5:00pm Thursday 15 November 2018    
 Singapore 200pm Thursday 15 November 2018  
Paris/Brussels/Stockholm  07:00am Thursday 15 November 2018   
 London 06:00am Thursday 15 November 2018  
 Toronto/New York 01:00am Thursday 15 November 2018  

We will review all APT’s and select the best 3. The client will then conduct interviews.

To apply for this BAF® Please log into the link below to apply online to ICGs new Application Tracking Software (ATS) and confirm that you are available (or will make yourself available) for interviews at the client’s discretion.

If you are aware of suitable candidates for the role that might not already be ICG Accredited Professionals, please forward this email to them and ask them to review our website.