BAF® Request: SYD – 373 – Mergers & Acquisitions


This is a BAF® Best Accredited Professional Forward request. ICG is seeking interested and available professionals to respond to a service request.


An ICG affiliate specialising in M&A advisory has a strong pipeline of current and prospective engagements. The affiliate is seeking professionals to work on M&A advisory engagements.

The Role

Professionals are sought to work in a number of capacities.

a. Partner level

  • Capable and experienced in all aspects of M&A.
  • Experienced taking complete carriage of engagements, including negotiating engagement terms and conditions and managing client relationships.

b. Experienced executive level

  • Experienced in some aspects of M&A but haven’t yet taken responsibility for a complete engagement. Seeking to broaden experience and progress to partner level.

c. New entrant

  • Experience and capabilities in a related field (e.g. financial modeling, accounting, law). Interested in gaining M&A experience.

Logistics: Engagements typically do not require physical presence at client sites. Depending on the role, professionals may work from the affiliate’s office in the Sydney CBD or from their own premises.

M&A engagements can entail periods of intense involvement, so flexibility and commitment are essential. With proper planning these roles should suit professionals seeking flexible working conditions. The roles may be suitable for professionals seeking to re-enter the workforce after maternity / paternity leave.

Process: APT’s must be lodged by the time and date specified below.

AKL 7:00am Wednesday, 18 May 2016
SYD/MEL 5:00am Wednesday, 18 May 2016
SGP 3:00am Wednesday, 18 May 2016
PAR/BRU/STO 9:00pm Wednesday, 18 May 2016
LON 8:00pm Wednesday, 18 May 2016
TOR/NY 3:00pm Wednesday, 18 May 2016


We will review all APT’s and select the best 3 for the client. The client or ICG Account Manager will then conduct interviews and advise of further process.

Rates: Remuneration will be dependent upon the role and the fees for each engagement. Fees comprise output based service fees plus substantial completion fees upon concluding a transaction.

To apply for this BAF® you should submit your ICG Accredited Professional Transcript (APT’s) in the required format (in ICG GDrive here – Accredited Professionals only) to [email protected] and confirm that you are available (or will make yourself available) for interviews at the client’s discretion.

Please do not attempt to deduce and make direct contact with the client otherwise you will be disqualified from participation in this opportunity.

If you are aware of suitable candidates for the role that might not already be ICG Accredited Professionals, please forward this email to them and ask them to review our website. They can then contact Member Services at [email protected] and our relevant practice leaders to discuss suitability and candidacy for becoming an Accredited Professional of ICG and applying for this role.