BAF® Request: TORONTO-550-Infrastructure Professionals to Transform Data Center Management and Operations


This is a BAF® Best Accredited Professional Forward request. ICG is seeking interested and available accredited professionals to respond to a potential resource request to become lead integrators for a new Data Center (DC) management and operations solution.

Our goal is to identify seasoned IT infrastructure and DevOps professionals in advance of a series of potential engagements.


Our client is a spinoff from Dell and, using the IP from Dell, has developed software that can transform the legacy DC to an integrated cloud environment, and automate the management and provisioning process. With a primary focus on infrastructure, the company also manages the process within an immutable infrastructure which, when Edge Computing takes hold, can adapt to its uniqueness. The company has expertise in cloud provisioning and can provision a cloud in five minutes.

The client is comprised primarily of engineers and now seeks trusted and seasoned infrastructure professionals for its delivery and implementation team. The company is also evaluating its sales strategy and anticipates a need for supporting roles drawn from experienced resources.

This is a $100B market as companies struggle to fully integrate the components of the DC with the evolving and expanding use of cloud technology.  There currently are seven engagements underway in the United States and Canada, with the potential for many more in the near term.

Types of Engagements

Engagement scope may include, sales, pilots and/or full implementation of the solution. The number of Data Centers, their geographic locations and the need to establish a DC management center, will determine the specifics of each consulting engagement.

The Role & Requirements

The client wishes to work with accredited professionals who stand-up and manage Data Centers.  In short, the company is seeking several senior practitioners with hands-on experience in modernizing legacy DC environments.

These roles will encompass the following functional experience;

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Full cycle hybrid infrastructure automation
  • Cloud provisioning (hybrid)
  • Multi-DC site (software) synchronization
  • Full infrastructure orchestration
  • Integration with existing infrastructure tools

Since our client is entering a market that is currently filled with tool vendors that address different aspects of infrastructure management and automation, they recognize that it must integrate existing tools with its solution. Thus, a strong understanding of APIs and application, as well as some understanding of the current competitive environment for tools, is required.

The company envisions accredited professionals working closely with the company’s engineers to modify and upgrade the software, based on lessons learned from integration. These professionals will work within a team and must be self-starters, along with sharing experience and knowledge with other team members.

It would be helpful to have training in integration frameworks and best practices associated with DC management.

The company is prepared to provide a two-day webinar to train the professionals in their products, their proprietary ‘‘scaffolding’ for the target infrastructure, as well as their automated inventorying of the infrastructure.

A one-hour conference call will be held during the week of March 12th to provide additional information.  If you wish to participate, please send your email directly to Michael Blum, Practice Leader, Digital Transformation at [email protected] or Karen Ryan, Practice Leader, IT Strategy at [email protected]


Logistics, Location & Rate

Logistics:  Engagements will be in North America. Travel is expected and will be reimbursed for professionals who are residents of North America only.
Process: CV’s must be lodged by COB Wednesday, March 14th.
Rate: Rates will be competitive and based on the nature and complexity of each assignment and the experience of the professionals.


 Date and time specified below.

AKL 11:00am  Thursday 15 March 2018
SYD/MEL/BRI 08:00am Thursday 15 March 2018
SGP 05:00am Thursday 15 March 2018
PAR/BRU/STO 10:00pm Wednesday 14 March 2018
LON 9:00pm Wednesday 14 March 2018
TOR/NY 5:00pm Wednesday 14 March 2018

To apply for this BAF® Please log into the link below to apply online to ICGs new Application Tracking Software (ATS) and confirm that you are available (or will make yourself available) for interviews at the client’s discretion.

1) Click on Sign Up – Use Your primary email address – If you have an ICG email address use that one –  You will then get a verification email – Please follow the instructions on the email
2) When you have created a user please go to the applicable BAF and click on Apply now
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If you are aware of suitable candidates for the role that might not already be ICG Accredited Professionals, please forward this email to them and ask them to review our website.