Certified Case Study (CCSs)

Certified Case Studies (CCSs) are a document containing information-rich slides which comprehensively describe an important case study in the world of management that are certified by ICG to be based on publicly and externally sourced information only – CCSs are a unique intellectual property for clients who want to be across the most important case studies. They comprise over 20 pages of PowerPoint slides containing:

    • Case study description, including background information and key insights
    • Where relevant, mystery shopping experience describing the real-life experience of approaching the case study company and understanding the proposition through relevant channels
    • Certification by ICG that all information is verified as accurate at time of publication and no information was obtained as part of any engagement ICG may or may not have with that client
    • Breakthrough thinking in simple-to-digest form to provide the very best understanding of an insightful case study such as a new product launch
    • CCSs are a companion resource to our monthly global periodical The Insights Review (TIR), deeper full dives on a specific topic – our Knowledge Area Reviews (KAR) and DKS – unique highly distilled synthesis of the newest thinking in an industry, sub sector or function.