ICG is an international provider of premium management consulting and project execution services delivered by a 21st century unbundled model. We help our clients by combining curated experts, publications, methods, learning and development, and services from a single global platform. When combined this A-Team of client and ICG components delivers a level of agility not seen from traditional models.

At ICG, we work closely with you to build and develop your internal consulting and project services capabilities. Through the provision of global best practice learning and development and services such as annual effectiveness reviews and a suite of powerful diagnostic benchmarking surveys, we help our clients evolve their own capabilities.

ICG is the world’s leading Consult Tech platform. We bring together the latest developments and innovations in the global management consulting industry with the most experienced practitioners so these new technologies can be safely harnessed by our global client base. ICG sources these components through a globally proven curation system and we work with recognised Global Thought Leaders, proven boutiques and senior consultants, and with leading entrepreneurs to ensure our clients have access to the very best and latest consulting platform components. ICG can safely introduce these technologies through controlled pilots and through accredited training programs. ICG also co-creates consult-tech components with leading clients who wish to see their pioneering efforts monetised safely at non-competing peer client sites around the globe. If you or your team wish to be kept abreast of the latest new consult tech components either in the pipeline or in development, please contact your local HUB today. If you have an in-house component that you wish to monetise contact the relevant practice leader for your component or your local HUB.

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