Consultant FAQs

What happens if I am already working at a client when I join ICG?

We make an exception for that specific client so you don’t have to pay ICG anything for existing sold work or direct extensions.

Does ICG own me?

No, you can join another network and sell work under your own steam. If we find out you are using or disclosing the ICG brand in your proposals but not advising us of sales then we will likely remove you from the membership.

Can I work part time?

Yes, the more senior you are the more likely it is you can split your work across multiple clients or balance work with other responsibilities.

How do we manage the conduct of our consultants?

With an ICG Accredited Professional Agreement which includes our Code of Conduct.

What happens to my existing business?

You should continue to pursue your current business. You decide whether to use the ICG brand, or your own brand, or both when going to market. If you use your own brand, then you keep 100% of your fee. Whether you use both brands or just our brand, we charge a modest percentage but like other Accredited Professionals you should see both a higher conversion rate and bigger projects through our leverage model.

What about my existing clients?

You simply list any client teams that you have generated work from in the past 18 months and we will exempt them – even if you use our brand.

What if one of my clients calls ICG direct?

If a client on your exemption list calls us then we will point out their position on your list and ask whether they should be calling you directly. If they choose to proceed with our process, then we will let you know and implement our normal process and charge accordingly.

I am selling enough of my own work, what’s in it for me?

Accredited Professionals and boutiques who are consistently busy tell us that they like three things the most:

  1. Access to a larger pool of high quality Accredited Professional s to staff their busy projects;
  2. Ability to monetise referrals where they have no interest in executing;
  3. Access to scale report production and research capabilities.
Can I get ICG resources for a project I have sold? What if I want to hire another consultant to help me?

We treat you as a client and send you up to three CVs of Accredited Professionals that are most aligned to the opportunity you have created. As mentioned in our proposition summary, we charge wholesale rates.

Who runs the 'Job' or Project?

The client typically hires contractors individually from ICG. The client will either run the job or indicate to one of the contractors that they have this role as a client project lead, i.e. neither you nor ICG take on project risk nor charge for it. On some occasions an Accredited Professional will sell a project to the client. They will charge an “all in” project cost and may seek individual additional contractors as per the client process. Before supplying these people, we will make it very clear to the client and the Accredited Professional that the Accredited Professional is being rewarded for project risk and takes full project responsibility.

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