ICG is the world’s leading global platform for consultants and project services personnel. Whether you want to deploy your expertise or further build your professional development or both, then ICG is the right place to be. ICG curates, aggregates, and brokers the right team of professionals (from 1 to 100) for its clients around the globe. These resources are further augmented with proven consulting methods, world class publications (IP), leading learning and development modules and complementary services all curated on a global AppStore like platform. This creates a professional association like structure that aggregates the resources of the profession and then allows clients to assemble whatever they need to supplement their own resources to ensure the A-team every time.

Introduction from our CEO

ICG’s clients including leading global, regional and local enterprises, along with major governments, not for profits and industry and trade associations – we also serve boutiques needing resources and some of the world’s leading global consulting firms needing subject matter experts and extra capacity. Our shortest project has been a half day workshop and our longest over two years. Typical project length is 4-6 weeks but extensions occur in a very high proportion of projects because the BAF process delivers such a good fit to the client’s needs.

ICG therefore creates an ideal preferred channel to market for your boutique’s services, because you can access demand via BAFs, win work using ICG’s consulting panels at leading clients, assemble bid teams, access our unique “bidware” resources and proven track record, and be backed by one of the world’s broadest and fastest growing consulting firms.


ICG provides powerful marketing materials for our professionals to use to help their clients understand the power of the ICG platform, for example see the ICG Infographic here.

To improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your contribution to the consulting industry, we offer a graduated membership structure which allows you as a consultant or boutique to choose the right level of participation to suit your circumstances, and to evolve your relationship with ICG over time.
ICG offers two streams of association:

  1. Professional Stream: Professional, Accredited professional, Practice Leader, Global Practice Leader, Global Thought Leader
  2. Management Stream: HUB C-Suite, HUB Founder, Global Partner – please contact your local HUB for details – ICG is recruiting the world’s best consultants and rewarding them significantly through generous support levels, a proven and well documented business model and generous levels of HUB units and global equity – contact one of our HUB CEOs for more details.


Each of the professional stream roles are briefly described below:


The entry level connection to ICG. It allows you to see what is going on at ICG, to get access to our messaging system that updates you on the latest and greatest publications, methods, learning & development modules, services and professionals in the industry as well as seeing our unique BAF® system which is a market clearing mechanism for the industry – it quite simply matches the very best available accredited professionals to a client at any point in time. If you haven’t seen our BAF model at work watch a short video here.

Registering as a professional is free, but this doesn’t allow you to use our brand or access our global resources, but you can apply to BAFs (subject to accreditation) and you can also apply to become an Accredited Professional through our membership system and on occasions you can join us as an observer at ICG gatherings. This level of association is no risk and helps you to kick the tyres on ICG and ensure our model can deliver value for you before seeking accreditation.

Accredited Professional

The main participating level at ICG. It allows you to operate under the ICG brand and access our world class capabilities – in fact everything (and often more) that you might expect to see as a consultant or partner at one of the world’s biggest consulting firms. Accreditation is achieved through ICG’s professional curation model which is catalysed when you are short listed for a BAF® or when you request accreditation through our professional membership model. This curation includes referral checking, work history evaluation, client references, cv screening, and discuss your correct alignment to functional, industry and geography. We also provide you with our professional development passport (PDP) to help you manage your career. For the most senior consultants we often also discuss future candidacy for mores senior roles, including practice leader which you can discuss with your local HUB c-suite.

Practice Leader

An opportunity to build and work with a team around you – to help them access and deploy ICG components relevant to an industry sub sector or function in their chosen professional sphere. ICG has over 50 practices to choose from, and with our super agile model we are adding new practices aligned to 21st century commerce, Power of Crowd Solutions being just one. The key advantages of leading a practice in ICG is that unlike at major firms, you can create a team (and business) very quickly, the team will be senior and well connected, and with help will quickly build density in a local market to create the scale needed for success. Practice members can either help you with general execution activities, but more often will also have deep subject matter expertise and be interested in adding a practice relevant component to the platform – further adding momentum and client relevant offerings to the practice. If you have run a practice at a consulting firm, or just missed out on running one, or are a recognised expert/senior authority in a field then running a practice is the ideal way to broaden your income stream away from just your own execution. Practice Leadership is one of the most well rounded and rewarding roles in ICG -contact your closest HUB CEO for details.

Global Practice Leader

By invitation only and typically rewards our best performing Practice Leaders for regionalising or globalising their practice. Global Practice Leaders are recognised authorities in the domain they serve and typically serve clients at the most senior levels in their industry. They are often sought out to present at conferences and are often subject matter experts on relevant publications and may have authored practice relevant methods and learning and development modules. Global Practice Leadership can generate significant rewards for the right professional – are you ready?

Global Thought Leader

Global Thought Leaders have demonstrated that their expertise is world class and that building a narrow global distribution franchise is not their core competence, so have partnered through a comprehensive curation process. ICG can assist Global Thought Leaders with rapid, global commercialisation of proven applied management science techniques and intellectual property. We do this through:

  • a revolutionary global productisation platform;
  • an advanced, fair, and transparent monetisation platform;
  • a patented process (BAF®) to find and accredit leading professionals to deploy your method and publications and learning and development modules (a process you control) and manage with ICG’s support;
  • a global distribution network that is growing faster than any other model; and
  • a transparent and anti-fragile business model that would make Ricardo Semler and Nassim Taleb proud.

This model obviates the needs to build your own narrow global consulting firm from scratch – or build a myriad of bespoke partnerships – yet provides a safe, transparent, and low-cost model which you can piggyback without many of the disadvantages commonly associated with last century firms.

To explore a potential Global Thought Leader relationship with ICG, please contact us.

ICG is the world’s leading Consult Tech platform. We bring together the latest developments and innovations in the global management consulting industry with the most experienced practitioners so these new technologies can be safely harnessed by our global client base. ICG sources these components through a globally proven curation system and we work with recognised Global Thought Leaders, proven boutiques and senior consultants, and with leading entrepreneurs to ensure our clients have access to the very best and latest consulting platform components. ICG can safely introduce these technologies through controlled pilots and through accredited training programs. ICG also co-creates consult-tech components with leading clients who wish to see their pioneering efforts monetised safely at non-competing peer client sites around the globe. If you or your team wish to be kept abreast of the latest new consult tech components either in the pipeline or in development, please contact your local HUB today. If you have an in-house component that you wish to monetise contact the relevant practice leader for your component or your local HUB.

To see the full range of consultant ICG components:
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