Global Industry Radar (GIR)

GIRs are a new addition to ICG’s growing Publications Platform which provides subscribers advantaged access to insights, innovations, developments and key sectoral activities across the globe that are relevant to their industry or sector. They are designed to:

    • Harness the strength and reach of ICG’s global pool of subject matter experts, authors and researchers, together with networking ICG’s fast expanding worldwide client base
    • Be produced and updated regularly (usually 3 times a year), the concise slide deck provides expert curated analysis of key developments and trends
    • Offer clients further drill down through added value sales of additional products (such as CCS / KAR) or commissioned consultancy support / research
    • Provide local competitive advantage and global peer network opportunities as each title is exclusive to a single subscriber in their local geography and to peer organisations in other geographies
    • Be an excellent low cost (typically USD 7,500 per edition) entry point to new clients showcasing ICG’s global capabilities and unique unbundled consulting approach
    • Enable ICG Professionals to participate as either a Lead Author, Subject Matter Expert, Knowledge Researcher or as a Domestic Subscriber Relationship Holder selling GIR titles to their clients. The commercial model supports all participants and is especially attractive once a GIR title has multiple subscribers.