Global Thought Leaders (GTL)


Internal Consulting Group is committed to bringing the world’s best expertise to its clients by partnering with the very best Thought Leader practitioners around the world.

These Global Thought Leaders work with ICG to provide:

  • their expertise through our agile consultants platform;
  • their methodologies through our product (Methodology) library; and
  • their intellectual property through our global publications library and customer consulting engagements.

Our Global Thought Leaders also work with a growing group of professional ICG accredited professionals who become accredited to deploy their methodologies.

See a sample of our existing Global Thought Leaders below.


Global Thought Leader Insights Podcast is the perfect source to keep consultants and their clients informed about what’s happening in the business world. ICG’s global thought leaders share cutting edge research, strategies and insights that will keep your clients ahead of their competition. It’s brilliant thinking—implemented!


PODCAST – Episode 003: Don’t Let Your Business Eat Your Agility

Roger Burlton

Global Thought Leader: Business Process Management

A global innovator in methods for Business Process Management

If you are a Global Thought Leader and wish to understand how the ICG platform may help you, then please explore the content on this page.

Global Thought Leader Insights Podcast

Announcing the launch of ICG’s new podcast series: Global Thought Leader Insights

ICG is committed to bringing global expertise to its members and clients. We partner with the very best practitioners from around the world. Now you have the opportunity to listen to in-depth interviews with our thought leaders

Episode 002 – Innovation with Magnus Penker Coming April 18th

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