Innovation & Branding

Ken Tencer

Best-selling author
Columnist for The Globe & Mail
Member of Conference Board of Canada’s Council for Innovation & Commercialization

PODCAST – Episode 005: Get Your Ideas off the Back of a Napkin

Ken Tencer talks about the importance of inclusivity as a key part of innovation and how to realize more go-to-market opportunities. “The more you connect, the more you collaborate, the more open you are, the more successful you will be.” K. Tencer.

Sample Published Works

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Detailed Profile

  • A business strategist
  • Innovation and Intrapreneurship thought leader who helps organizations master better futures
  • CEO, Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Speaker & Columnist
  • Best-selling author of The 90% Rule and Cause a Disturbance
  • Widely subscribed columnist for The Globe & Mail and interviewed by The Financial Times, CNBC, Forbes and Bloomberg
  • Serves as a member of Conference Board of Canada’s Council for Innovation and Commercialization.

By integrating three fundamental principles of good business – leverage, process and entrepreneurial thinking, Tencer and his partner Cardoso have developed a pragmatic and powerful approach to business development.

The 90% Rule and the bestseller Cause a Disturbance (Morgan James Publishing, NY) are being avidly read by business leaders in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Business journalists with leading publications and networks including The Globe & Mail, The Financial Times, CNBC, Forbes and Bloomberg have recognized the timeliness and power of these important works.

Webinar One: ICG Interview with Ken Tencer


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