Philippe Jourdan

Philippe Jourdan

Global Thought Leader: Brand Management

Professor Philippe Jourdan

HEC, PhD IAE Grenoble
Associate Professor, IAE Paris
Editor in Chief, RFM (Revue Française du Marketing)

[email protected]


Sample Published Works

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Detailed Profile

Philippe Jourdan is a globally recognized thought leader and consultant on Brand Management and is a highly published author and conference speaker

Philippe Jourdan is a professor of marketing and applied scientist in the measurement and management of brand equity. His books, papers and consulting products are in use across hundreds of leading brands across the world. Philippe regularly consults with leading clients on issues such as “New consumptions habits”, “Brands in the digital era”, “Brand and economics globalization”, “Has national brand a meaning?”, “How to manage a luxury brand?”, “Brands: communication’s new challenges”, “New brands’ uses?”, “Can modern distribution do without brands?”, “Brand equity in Finance”, and “Optimization of brand portfolios

To contact Professor Philippe Jourdan, please get in touch via the Paris HUB or direct via [email protected].

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