Global Thought Leader: Business Process Management

Roger Burlton

A global innovator in methods for Business Process Management

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PODCAST – Episode 003: Don’t Let Your Business Eat Your Agility

We are living in times of significant change. The evolution of what success means requires business leaders to be agile. Roger Burlton, discusses capabilities essential to keep your business agile in today’s economy.

Change — It’s not simple but it’s inevitable. Make it easy. Be agile.

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Detailed Profile

If it says capability then it is a capability of something to do something (a process) so the capability is a characteristic of something not a thing in its own right?” – Roger Burlton

  • A global innovator in methods for Business Process and is recognized internationally for his thought leadership in Business Process Management.
  • Widely recognized for his thought leadership in business process strategy, business architecture, process analysis and design, and its management, measurement and governance
  • Chairman of the BPTrends Board of Advisors and a Founder and Chief Consultant of BPTrends Associates.

Roger has developed and chaired several high profile conferences on Advanced Business and Information Management and Business Process Management, globally. He currently chairs the annual BPM Forum at the Building Business Capability Conference in the US and the IRM UK BPM Conference in Europe and his pragmatic BPM global seminar series, started in 1991, is the longest continuous running BPM seminar in the world.


To contact Roger Burlton, please get in touch via the Toronto HUB or direct via [email protected].

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