Global Thought Leader: Customer Intimacy

Stephen Hewett

Expert in understanding the C in B2C

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PODCAST – Episode 001: How to meet customers’ needs by really listening

In our first episode we talk to ICG’s Global Thought Leader Stephen Hewett. He shares how his revolutionary NetCNS helps businesses find a solution that provides singular clarity about customers’ needs; how well front line teams deliver; and, why front line teams need to continue.

Episode 014: The Key to Profitability and Growth

ICG Global Thought Leader Stephen Hewett, discusses how to stay ahead in today’s rapidly accelerating marketplace. Success comes from driving innovation through the delivery of basic customer needs, creating a small number of momentary, positive emotional experiences, and investing in the right balance between basic needs and those that are emerging.

Customer Needs Solution (CNS®) Brochure

A new approach & mindset that helps your business grow by ensuring that you are always meeting your customers’ needs and wants.

Sample Published Works

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Detailed Profile

  • Customer evangelist and advocate
  • Expert in understanding the C in B2C
  • Regular keynote speaker on Customer Experience Transformation
  • Three books published in UK and the US

Stephen is one of the Europe’s leading authorities and business advisors in the field of customer centred business change. Working with C-level leadership teams in both public and private sector organisations he has delivered award winning customer experience programmes across a wide variety of industry sectors. In previous roles Stephen was Head of Business Consulting for a major UK consultancy, and before that, Development Manager, Research & Expansion at John Lewis. Prior to his retail and consulting career, Stephen enjoyed a career in aviation, where he held both management and flying roles. Stephen is a Fellow of the Institute of Consulting.

Stephen is enabling organisations to increase revenue and margin by applying cutting edge customer data collection and analysis techniques across structured data, social media and voice to deliver better insight into customer’s true experiences and then applying this insight to reduce customer turnover and increase wallet share.

Webinar: ICG Interview with Stephen Hewett

To contact Stephen Hewett, please get in touch via the London HUB or direct via [email protected].

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