Global Thought Leaders (GTL)

ICG can assist Global Thought Leaders with rapid, global commercialisation of proven applied management science techniques and intellectual property. We do this through:

  • a revolutionary global productisation platform;
  • an advanced, fair, and transparent monetisation platform;
  • a patented process (BAF®) to find and accredit leading professionals to deploy your product (a process you control) and manage with ICG’s support;
  • a global distribution network that is growing faster than any other model; and
  • a transparent and anti-fragile business model that would make Ricardo Semler and Nassim Taleb proud.

This model obviates the needs to build your own global consulting firm from scratch – or build a myriad of bespoke partnerships – yet provides a safe, transparent, and low-cost model which you can piggyback without many of the disadvantages commonly associated with last century firms.

To explore a potential Global Thought Leader relationship with ICG, please contact us.

To see how our existing Global Thought Leaders are profiled on our site, visit the client version of this page here.