ICG Store

ICG currently has six major categories of publication available in the store:

The Insights Review (TIR)

The leading global review of insights published across the global consulting industry.

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Knowledge Area Reviews (KARs®)

In depth synthesis of all globally published publicly available material on any topic relevant to your project.

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Focused Knowledge Brief (FKB)

Information-rich slides summarizing leading articles, books and key frameworks along with any published materials on areas of research and/or practice.

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Capability Maturity Trajectory (CMT)

Mapping the current state of applied management science in all aspects of business operations.

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Certified Case Study (CCSs)

An explanatory analysis of a real-world business initiative using information-rich slides – a unique intellectual property.

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Global Industry Radar (GIR)

Global scan of relevant market evolution, trends, and important innovations and impactful case studies.

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ICG is proud to announce the launch of a powerful new tool for internal consultants:

Internal Consultants’ Workbench (ICW)

ICG’s Internal Consultants’ Workbench (ICW) increases individual and organization productivity through industry best practice features.

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ICG is building additional categories and looks forward to further assisting internal consulting teams with the world’s most innovative consulting publications. For further details and samples, please browse through this site or contact us via the contact page.