Internal Consultants’ Workbench

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ICG’s Internal Consultants’ Workbench (ICW) increases individual and organization productivity through industry best practice features

Developed by leading consultants for themselves and their clients, ICG’s unique ICW productivity tool is now available.

ICG’s Internal Consultants’ Workbench (ICW) revolutionizes your team’s productivity:

  • Based on the familiar Microsoft PowerPoint environment, well known to all ex-consultants
  • Contains a wide variety of global best practice templates drawn from across thousands of years of industry experience
  • Loaded with maps, symbols, and icons to save time sourcing from multiple locations (and the cost of licensing/risk of IP infringement) with regular updates available
  • Productivity tools via custom-coded macros (such as ’email deck’, ‘quote’ and ‘paste note’ functions)
  • Provides seamless access to your corporate knowledge base and free and pay-per-view/page training modules and intellectual property across ICG’s global open architecture platform
  • All graphs, tables, and frameworks pre-formatted to help deliver the consistency and quality output of a top-tier consulting firm
  • Familiar environment to employees with branded firm experience and works seamlessly with Aploris, ThinkCell and any other graphing tools you may already be using.



ICW provides a powerful workbench environment that empowers ex-consultants to work more efficiently and effectively, focusing their time on insight and reporting rather than production and graphical tasks:

  • Global, regional, and major country maps, 100+ icons, 180+ frameworks – all industry standards, plus ICG best practice examples
  • Dozens of macros and productivity and learning tools
  • Customizable to your brand standards for a modest fee.



Compatible with Windows only – Office 2010 to Office 365 (as at May 2016)
Non-macros version available for Mac


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