Internal Consulting Effectiveness (ICE)

Internal Consulting Units (and their variants such as strategy teams, SME teams, operational improvement teams and Lean/Kaizan teams) and the fastest growing segment of the global consulting industry.

These teams vary in size from a single professional to teams of several thousands working across a large portfolio of enterprise wide programs. They are called upon to deliver many of the same services as large global external firms, so ICG has established a specialised global practice designed to help ICUs of any size and aspiration evolve to its desired state of sophistication as quickly and as effectively as possible.

ICG’s ICE practice offers a range of cost effective benchmarking and consulting services including:

  • Self-assessment against our global benchmark database (See our QQB here)
  • Workshops to diagnose and address key issues and identify performance improvement levers quickly
  • Comprehensive and customised diagnostic tools that can assess and plot the most effective evolution for your ICU
  • Expertise sharing on advanced topics such as how to establish and set transfer prices, how to build internal marketing activities, how to recognise and deal with the downsides of internal consulting units while fully exploiting their many advantages
  • Professional consultant recruitment and contracting – using the Industrialised Adhocracy® platform and the power of our patented BAF® process we find the world’s best fit for purpose consultants for you needs, whether to run a workshop or lead your team to world’s best practice as a dedicated senior employee
  • Access, co-branding or White labelling of ICG’s globally recognised libraries of Intellectual Property, Methods, and Learning and Development modules so your ICU team members have access to the full global strength of the ICG platform
  • Access to ICG’s unique ICW (Internal Consulting Workbench) tool which provide an enhanced version of the PPT application with a full suite of icons, templates and productivity enhancing aids
  • Many other individual and collective aspects of the ICG platform, such as customised training modules, professional development planning and delivery, and specialist methods such as wargames and unique collaborations such as the many non competing peer consortiums that we have built around the globe

ICG’s ICE practice has built interfaces with many of the world’s largest ICUs and maintains active research based dialogues with many of the world’s leading academics in this space including Professor Christopher Wright at Sydney University author of Management as Consulting.

Our ICE practice is led by Vincent Lion out of our Brussels HUB and he is supported by local practice leaders and ICE accredited professionals in each of our HUBs. For more details please contact [email protected]