Knowledge Area Reviews (KARs)

The first two weeks of a consulting project are commonly spent getting up to speed on the topic area. ICG’s KARs® give me the best available material pre-packaged so my team and I can focus on what we do best.”

Senior Executive

Knowledge Area Reviews – KARs® – are information-rich slides with synthesised knowledge, categorised insights, and data visualisations – a unique intellectual property which can be assembled on almost any topic, to your personal specifications.

  • A peerless synthesis of available information (public sources, applied science journals, research databases, public company records)
  • Uniquely blends knowledge and insights from across the consulting industry, large and specialist, avoiding bias and NIH (not invented here) issues on your projects
  • Combines information from the best available industry sources, from global open-published literature to concentrated subject matter expertise direct from the ICG membership
  • Distributable to every member of your team and throughout your organisation
  • Affordably priced to encourage frequent use.

KARs® are a companion resource to project kick-offs and are developed using ICG’s unbundled consulting resources. KARs® are also supported by the ICG Insights Review, a periodical published by ICG and read by senior executive teams and internal consultants from major companies in Australia and around the world. Local and international licenses for previously developed KARs® are also available. To commission a KAR®, please contact us here.