Leadership & Executive Development (LED)

ICG’s LED is a leading Evidence-Based Executive Coaching practice, operating globally. Our powerful combination of experience and proven methodologies has been delivering exceptional results since 2003, enabling leaders, executives, managers and organisations to maximise their potential.

The cornerstone of Evidence-Based coaching is the systematic use of cutting-edge theory and proven research from the behavioural sciences, linked to evolving coaching best practice. It is a professional, outcome-focussed approach that delivers a measurable improvement in performance and leadership as well as supporting personal growth.

We deliver Evidence-Based executive and organisation development using frameworks that are powerful, accurate and effective. Our coaches are skilled at establishing strong relationships, enabling them to supportively challenge the perceptions, assumptions and habits of thought and behaviour that hinder performance and constrain leadership development.

At ICG, we employ only proven research-based assessment tools. Together with our mastery of development best practice and extensive hands-on experience means that every assignment is grounded in an accurate understanding of the individual, team or organisation.

We recruit highly credible senior executives with significant life experience and business acumen. Our coaches know what it is like to manage markets and perform in turbulent environments. They are professional, results driven and skilled at nurturing change.

ICG coaches enhance their existing life skills and business expertise with in depth, psychologically based training, plus ongoing professional supervision. We draw on a variety of disciplines and theoretical approaches that form our integrated multi-disciplinary approach. We take ownership of the supervision and ongoing professional development of our coaches, we stay connected with the current research and development of coaching literature and leadership theory.

ICG’s LED practice offers a range of Leadership and Executive development services including:

  • ICG’s assessment portfolio of cutting edge tools; assessing skills, performance and leadership capabilities that’s been shown to be the most accurate in the industry.
  • Leadership Feedback process which focuses on information gathering, sorting data for relevance and developmental impact, and providing effective communication that can lead to optima results
  • Sustainable leadership; provide learning experiences to build leadership capability through self-awareness, thought provoking, perspective development, system thinking and complexity handling
  • Strategic leadership; developing the leadership values and cognitions affecting the strategic thinking process and strategic decision making process that impact organisational outcomes
  • Transformation leadership; focuses on personal transformation and the development of inner leadership to facilitate transformation initiatives
  • Innovation leadership; focuses on how leadership styles directly and indirectly affect the companies’ innovation.
  • Skills coaching services focus on the development of leadership skills for growth
  • Performance coaching services to enhance current performance and meet new expectations
  • Developmental coaching services focus on intrapersonal development, handling complexity and finding meaning in experiences, relationships and professional setbacks
  • Executive mentoring services in support of the executive agenda and stakeholder management
  • Leadership pipeline, selection and succession planning
  • Complexity @ work; supporting change and adaptation in a complex system environment that lead to transformation
  • Culture, values & norms; developing mental models that guide broad policies and ideologies towards organisation values and behavioural norms
  • Team & Group dynamics; the impact character strengths and personality styles on group processes and team effectiveness
  • Workforce Engagement; focuses on helping leaders in developing positive, fulfilling, work-related state of mind that is characterised by high levels of energy and mental resilience, dedication and absorption while working.
  • Process of management; establish a purpose, shared vision, shared plans, lead action, evaluate results and drive continuous improvements
  • Leadership diversity, focuses on addressing the most common issues that executive women may experience in their workplace
  • Customer centricity; put customer needs in the centre of what we do; values, processes, systems, structure, interactions and planning, both strategic and operational.
  • Customer service; focuses on the customer service leadership, its value proposition and delivery systems effectiveness

Key Advantages

The ICG coaching framework provided by our experienced coaches means that:

  • Development needs of leadership are clearly identified and validated
  • Coaching solutions are individually structured and delivered
  • Growth-oriented approach and a holistic view of the individual are considered
  • Workplace applications that translate learning into experiences are applied
  • Integrated development of competencies and personality
  • Self-maintenance plans are developed and practised
  • Coaching is directly linked to outcomes
  • Outcomes are measured and quantified

Benefits for Our Clients

Executives and Leaders

Working with ICG’s LED Coach, learning is transformative, reflective and experiential. The outcomes are enhanced individual competencies, new skills, resilience and effective relationships that result in a higher level of self-awareness and the capacity to grow and flourish.

Teams & Groups

Working with ICG’s LED team coach, development occurs through discovering the shared and collective meaning in the team conversations. The outcomes are authentic dialogue, trust and honesty, improved problem solving and decision-making, improved cohesion, engaged members and high performance teams.


Working with ICG’s LED organisation coach, development starts from the talent acquisition phase into the human resources strategic planning and implementation to grow and develop talent. The outcomes are effective approach to talent development, ability to retain talent and experience, improved employee satisfaction, effective leadership teams and better alignment of value within the organisation.