Business Diagnostic Application (BDA)

Engaging our clients for clarity on key issues and opportunities.

Our Business Diagnostic Application has been designed to give executives a multifaceted and insightful snapshot of their organisation, illuminating areas of strength and weakness.

The App gives you the opportunity to assess your performance across eight critical business areas:

  1. Vision & Strategy;
  2. Strategy Deployment;
  3. Sales & Marketing;
  4. Innovation;
  5. Organisational Effectiveness;
  6. Risk Management;
  7. Leadership;
  8. People & Culture.

Based on our experience and expertise, we know that the future success of your organisation is determined by your performance in each of these eight areas.

In summary:

  • 80 self-reflective questions across 8 critical business areas;
  • Designed for CEOs and senior executives;
  • Completed by an individual or an entire team;
  • For teams the entire data is collated to maximise insights and ensure confidentiality;
  • Summary results are emailed instantly and more in depth reporting is available.

To find out more about how a BDA can help your team, please contact us here.