Change Management Program (CMP)

A proven methodology for success in delivering strategic execution and structured change for C-Suite, leaders and project teams

The key challenge is to engage the broader organisation in the strategic change process. Individuals need to be able to translate high level strategic direction into everyday customer focused outcomes on a sustainable basis. Our approach allows the key stakeholders to become an integral part of the process and to co-create their own roles and responsibilities in meeting the organisation’s strategic outcomes.

The Change Management Playbook provides a tool kit which supports translation of strategy to a plan and delivering sustainable implementations. Variations provide value for organisations of different levels of complexity.

This program contains unique insights, nuggets of experience of how to implement successful change, making it easier to identify where to allocate resources. It is a concise coherent codification of the change management process so that activity is relevant, pertinent and timely.

Concise: Taken the Playbook back to prioritised tasks that really generate traction and deliver value.

Coherent: Hung together in a sensible story, from kick off right through to the end of delivering a change. Many run out of steam before the end so don’t deliver. Many programs don’t give the tools to close out either. This program is end to end and enables organisations to get better at change.

Codified: Scalable, consistent to increase the reliability of change performance.

CMP methodology can be unbundled and supplied as a licensed set of templates, but is more commonly supplied with expert coaching support or, for a more senior role or larger enterprise, an accredited Affiliate team. The CMP product is scalable and variable for large and small programs. It may be used to enhance and supplement a client’s existing change management methodology.

To find out more about how a CMP can help your team, please contact us here.