Every working day, ICG delivers or provides access to proven consulting and project methods from its large library around the globe to clients ranging from start-ups to MNCs and large public sector entities.

The methods pillar is a fundamental pillar within the ICG platform. It comprises a granular but structured library of proven methods which have been developed and refined by our world class team of consultants, subject matter experts and global thought leaders to help our consultants and their clients improve the impact of their projects.

ICG’s proven methodologies cover well-known types of projects and management capabilities, with step-by-step guides plus options for on-site and remote training (accreditation) of your staff or delivery support by ICG professionals who have earned accreditation in that method.

ICG’s growing catalogue of methodologies covers most transformation life cycles, many functional specialties and contemporary and classically proven tool sets. Helping project team come up to speed quickly and produce results, ICG’s methodologies include clear instructions, worked examples and templates. Each package has accredited practitioners available for coaching, ad hoc advice and extended implementation support – whatever your project needs to ensure its success.

With transparent pricing, ICG’s methods provide predictable costs and assured results and can be augmented though our industrialised adhocracy ® model with agile consultants, relevant publications, learning and development modules, and complementary services to ensure success.

ICG’s methods pillar has been architected to help our clients succeed. Individual methods are self contained and modular. Access one, or a proven set, or a unique permutation that suits your exact project circumstances. ICG uniquely identifies each method by a short name and three letter acronym (TLA) for ease of identification and access. Our supporting documentation also elaborates the most relevant modules in a number of ways to help our clients and professionals navigate our platform:

  1. By Practice: Our leading industry and functional practices (for example financial services and leadership and executive development) have assembled and catalogued the most relevant methods for client’s in that industry or function. To identify the most relevant, frequently used or impactful methods in your areas of interest contact your preferred ICG professional or most relevant industry or functional local or global practice leader for more information.
  2. By project lifecycle stage: Your projects and ours follows a predictable set of phases such as Insights, Mobilisation, Methodologies and Quality Assurance. ICG’s global partner responsible for Methods has identified the most relevant components by each stage and can share these with you – please contact [email protected].
  3. Value Chain: Many clients identify with methodologies relevant to the aspect of their customer or industry value chain which they are trying to improve. Whether setting a new mission statement or identifying how to improve their revenue funnel. Whether improving sourcing practices or helping with customer journey mapping, ICG has a growing library of methods across your value chain so please contact your preferred ICG professional for more details of the proven methods we have to help you.
  4. Method Delivery Support: Clients ask us what methods do you have that we can implement by ourselves with little or no support? ICG has categorised all of its methods by how reliable and safe the methods are to implement with varying degrees of accredited professional or method owner support. This means that we can guide our clients to choose methods that are either perfectly fit for purpose irrespective of budget or more appropriate for those with limited budget but needing guidance and templates that are safe to use with little supervision. For more details, contact your preferred ICG professional.

Our methods are accessible from your preferred accredited professional, of from your preferred HUB or from the ICG store 24*7. See below for our most popular methods, else click here to access a list of our HUBs and click here to access the ICG store.