Confidential Market Sounding (CMS®)

Unbiased and candid data, compiled from engagement with key external stakeholders, to support major strategic initiatives

CMSs provide detailed, validated responses from key external stakeholders to a set of prepared questions pertaining to a key element of your corporate strategy. ICG collate and synthesise the interviewee responses to identify trends, consistent themes and strong, one-off messages.

  • A rigorous and robust data gathering process conducted by senior ICG Affiliates
  • Challenges and/or confirms internal “conventional wisdom” and “widely held beliefs”
  • Delivers independent, candid responses from targeted key external stakeholders
  • Captures off-the-cuff insights in addition to responses to the formal prepared material
  • Allows senior external stakeholders to deliver messages to business leaders that are otherwise muffled by layers of executive staff.

A CMS improves understanding of the external environment by recording the appetites and views of external stakeholders. A CMS is an effective tool to apply prior to launching any critical, strategic initiative that otherwise relies on internally sourced data.

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