ICG should be your platform of choice for accessing proven methodologies, becoming accredited in proven methodologies and monetising your proven methods through our global professional base (through learning and development support and licensing fees and practice build out).

ICG is committed to Industrialised Adhocracy® – the idea of unbundled consulting in which each element of the consulting project effort (or adhocracy) is able to be selected and aggregated in a unique permutation to supplement the resources the client or project team already has available to make their project team the “A-team every time”. Methods (repeatable processes and re-usable templates) are a fundamental building block of most successful projects so ICG works with its accredited professionals and clients around the world to both build its world leading repository of these methods, but to also help our accredited professionals identify and contribute proven methods as parts of their efforts to capture non client proprietary IP in a safe re-usable manner which can be monetised through the global ICG platform. The development and creation of ICG methods is typically initiated through 3 major channels:

  1. On-boarded as a well proven and trusted method (often already in common use) by a recognised global thought leader: Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS®)* is such a method, it is a well-established suite of proven methods and templates to help client improve their success at innovation and new strategy formulation. ICG welcomes methods by Global Thought Leaders, whether well established and proven or nascent.
    *Blue Ocean Strategy is a registered trademark of Professors Chan Kim and Renee Mauborge.
  2. On-boarded by a leading boutique: Many boutiques create their well-earned domestic success by developing and applying a proven method to multiple client situations. However, they don’t benefit from monetisation of this IP globally nor the broader learning and specialisation that becomes possible by hyper scaling of its application. By on-boarding their best components on to the ICG platform, leading boutiques can globalise without all of the headaches, costs and risks, and be assured of finding very experienced and motivated professionals that are interested in becoming accredited and then selling and deploying their proven method in our many local marketplaces in a way that is safe and fair for all stakeholders.
  3. Written and published by an accredited Professional: ICG has thousands of very talented professionals. Their skills at innovating and codifying new methods creates the potential for progressing and elevating the consulting industries ability to produce reliable impact for its clients. By creating a ‘sand box’ or grass roots environment of peer challenge and scrutiny and a globally relevant and rigorous curation and component on-boarding process, ICG ensures that only the very best components are made available to our accredited professionals and their clients around the world. If you feel that you have what it takes to develop new methods (like our innovative Engage Your Peers (EYP) method or you have completed a very successful project with a method that could be codified, then please contact your local c-suite for their feedback and access to our global method on-boarding documentation.

For more details on our methods pillar see below:

Methods pillar for clients

To view the Methods Platform Pillar Guide (available only to accredited professionals, on the GDrive), please click here.

Contact your local c-suite or the global partner responsible for methods: [email protected]