Customer Experience Measurement (CEM)

Full-service NPS® execution tailored to your strategic goals.

NPS® has become the recognised standard for gauging customer experience investments.

This simple measurement method has powerful applications when woven into investments, customer communications and unit performance monitoring.

Realize key gains through rapid-fire understanding of customer satisfaction:

  • Customer retention and loyalty;
  • Increased customer referrals;
  • Improved customer insights – what really matters;
  • Enhanced employee engagement – what they need to know;
  • Business growth – focus on the right levers.

Our service provider Customer Monitor has developed a cloud-based service that can be fully tailored to the strategic goals you have for customer service and retention. Avoid customer query fatigue with powerful analytics that effectively sample key touch points including free text response. Analysis and reporting tools provide effective dashboards and entity-based performance reporting for review of broad program goals and focus on specific satisfaction drivers.

NPS® provides for benchmarking by industry and geography, and we trend your improvement.

Leverage our understanding of strategic program design or we can work with you to create your own.

Our text analysis tools create deep insights for rapid improvement action and results.

Focus on insights while having us administer the program for you at an attractive cost.

Subscription packages that link to your email and social media programs can be scaled to your evolving needs.