Customer Needs Solution (CNS®)

A new approach & mindset that helps your business grow by ensuring that you are always meeting your customers’ needs and wants

  • Consistently meeting customers’ basic needs is the proven way to outperform competition, and take the lead, in any marketplace
  • To do so, you need to respond to a highly competitive and complex omni-channel landscape, and avoid data overload and conflicting and confusing insights. Digital and competitor disruption provides additional challenges putting all revenue streams & budgets and resources are under constant pressure.
  • CNS is a simple approach to understand your customers, and to determine the best course of action to delight them. Built on decades of deep CX expertise, and fused with the power of the latest AI technology, CNS is a solution that provides absolute and singular clarity about your customers’ needs and wants, how well front line teams are delivering, and how they need to continue
  • CNS provides actionable information to focus your resources to ensure the maximum positive impact on your customers and your business. As a result, you will experience increased sales and profit, through happier & more loyal customers and more engaged staff.
  • The CNS approach enables you to measure ongoing execution and to monitor and report results. To do so, we have developed an innovative new metric, NetCNS, created by Stephen Hewett, an ICG Global Thought Leader
  • This document describes CNS and how it works, the new metric NetCNS and your path to outperforming your competition

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