Engage Your Peers (EYP)

Identify and engage with your highest potential value adding non-competing global peers using ICG’s research team, and senior on-the-ground global professionals

Engage Your Peers (EYP) assignment harnesses ICG’s international network and research capabilities to provide a structured approach to introducing organisations in one country to their non-competing peers in another part of the world. The research and search process enables Clients to engage with targeted non-competing peers across the Globe.

  • EYP searches are relevant across any industry or sector where a domestic, or localised, company, seeks to reach out to likeminded non-competitive peers in other geographies
  • The EYP three stage approach Identifies, Establishes and Extends Relationships, creating powerful mutual, but confidential, bi-lateral or consortium connections
  • Following development of a clear Client brief, ICG’s research resources and, if required, on-the-ground Professional Consultant network are used to identify the highest value potential peers. Once collated and synthesised, a shortlist of best fit peers is presented for review and subsequent Engagement.
  • Significant opportunities exist to extend Peer relationship through ongoing facilitated dialogue, collaborative subscription to ICG publications, such as GIRs and KARs, and other ICG products and services.

To find out more about how a EYP can help your team, please contact us here.