Global Expert Scan (GES)

Finding, profiling, short listing and interviewing experts from around the world

Global Expert Scans (GES) are an effective way to identify global thought leaders and deliver valuable insights for immediate application to your challenges.

  • A unique synthesis of the leading global thinkers on any topic
  • Garnered from peer markets across consulting and advisory firms as well as industry
  • Includes deep-drill subject matter expert interviews.
  • Enables consideration of best available resource to tackle challenges.

GESs are a companion resource to project kick-offs and are developed using ICG’s unbundled consulting resources. GESs are also supported by the ICG Knowledge Area Review (KAR), a peerless synthesis of available information (public sources, applied science journals, research databases, public company records), which can be assembled on almost any topic, to your personal specifications.

Local and international licenses for previously developed GESs are also available.

To find out more about how a GES can help your team, please contact us here.