Global Round Table (GRT)

Providing deep and lasting insight into the strategy, business models, products and processes of like non-competing organisations globally

Global Round Tables have the following defining characteristics:

  • The Network is exclusive (members are prohibited from sharing this expertise outside the consortium
  • Participants are comparative peers, sharing a similar level of sophistication, and therefore common issues and capability challenges
  • Participation is by invitation only; initial members can guide invitations to subsequent members
  • Costs are shared equally by participants
    • Each gains access to the world’s best intellectual capital base for a small fraction of the costs of alternate methods
  • CG facilitates the process but the participants shape the agenda
    • Members reach consensus on all aspects of program design, from subject depth and breadth trade-offs to the timing of participation
  • Participants are domestically focused peers from different geographies, that do not compete with each other.

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