Hundred Day Plan (HDP)

A proven methodology for success when commencing a new leadership role, from General Management to C-suite.

The Hundred Day Plan (HDP) provides a proven methodology which allows a new executive to best ensure their success through the development of a high impact plan.

Many new executives fail to create the impact that is possible because they do not apply a rigorous approach to planning for their success.

The HDP articulates the critical aspects to consider and actions an executive needs to take into account when developing their 100 Day Plan, some of which are required before the commencement of the new role.

The HDP methodology includes:

  • Setting the actions required in the first 100 days in the context of the bigger picture: the transition period, the next 2-3 years and thereafter;
  • The HDP goals: to Establish PURPOSE, Assess PORTFOLIO, Select PEOPLE, Ascertain POTENTIAL and Prosecute PERFORMANCE and an articulation that brings each of these to life;
  • A graphical Game Plan (Playbook) example, setting out the major actions required during the Transition Period and the first hundred days, with an indication of timing and resource effort as well as major people-aspect milestones; and
  • Supporting templates and explanatory notes for the major actions in the in the Game Plan (Playbook) – an example of which is the list of critical questions on which to base the executive’s interviews with the leadership team.

New executives can select to access the HDP methodology only, however due to the diversity and intensity of actions required in a very limited time frame (particularly in the transition period when access to organisational resources is limited), many choose additional support from ICG Affiliates accredited in the HDP process.

To assist in this, the HDP methodology can be purchased with varying levels of support. Like all ICG products, the HDP methodology can be unbundled and supplied as a licensed set of templates, but it is more commonly supplied with expert coaching support or, for a more senior role or larger enterprise, an accredited Affiliate team.

The HDP Lite version of this product is designed to cater for executive roles that are smaller in scale and scope. It comprises the components of context, goals and granulated goals, as well as a high-level game plan.

To find out more about how a HDP can help your team, please contact us here.