Local Peer Roundtable (LPR)

Powering critical business insights, expertise and networks

Roundtables are a high value, low cost, accelerated way of tapping diverse best practices and perspectives. ICG works with you and select peer companies to design and deliver impactful roundtables that focus either on a priority topic or end-to-end business. Our flexible support menu includes:

  • Roundtable design and structuring
  • Preparation, from member interviews and knowledge area reviews, to market soundings and scenario development
  • High calibre facilitation by experienced executives, along with event management including external speakers
  • Session summaries and follow-up implementation support
  • Combined with ICG’s unique unbundled services from subject matter experts to production and research.

An LPR deepens the capability and network of your executives, within and across industries.

ICG’s LPR drives immediate results in your business, for participating leaders and their teams.

To find out more about how an LPR can help your team, please contact us here.