Qualitative & Quantitative Benchmarking (QQB)

Fact-based, actionable, benchmarking data to drive your success

Qualitative & Quantitative Benchmarking is ICG’s platform for providing clients with the world’s broadest and deepest suite of benchmarking tools

  • Proven off-the-shelf tools with transparent sampling and pricing that can be readily applied to any improvement project requiring reliable benchmarking data
  • Existing titles categorised by industry, function, process and geographic scope so you can easily find the right QQB title for your project
  • Ability to “build your own” benchmarking tool with ICG support to fit the unique demands of your projects
  • All data is managed by ICG’s strict client benchmarking data standards (ie data is not available or accessible to consultants and affiliates in any form unless it is the data submitted by a current client)
  • All other data is only available in an amalgamated and anonymized form through your chosen QQB product option
  • Where possible, clients will be informed of major updates or new release of QQB product in which they have participated

ICG will soon be offering a range of QQB products. The first of these, QQB002 – Strategy Execution Barometer, is available now. To download the QQB002 brochure, please click the image below.


To find out more about how a QQB can help your team, please contact us here.