Revenue Performance Management (RPM)

For any business, product/service group or other revenue targeted entity troubled by their inability to deliver consistent, profitable and sustainable revenue growth?

Revenue generation has quickly become the black hole into which companies aimlessly pour millions of dollars into CRM’s, Training, Analytics, Marketing Automation and more. The ICG Revenue Performance Framework removes the clutter. We align the entire business to the buyers journey and embed sustainable revenue performance improvement capability in marketing (top of funnel) and sales (bottom of funnel).

  • ID how well your product or service solves problems for your customers;
  • Learn how to let them know you do it better than anyone else;
  • Quickly, efficiently and cost effectively pull prospects through your marketing/sales funnel;
  • Deploy the tools needed to maintain control and visibility over your marketing and sales process.

To find out more about how a RPM can help your team, please contact us here.