Practice Leader Strategic Managerial Leadership

Chris Stark

Chris is the Practice Leader for Strategic Managerial Leadership based in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Industry agnostic, he has a knack for putting his clients’ most complex management and leadership challenges into a broader, more proper and directional context. In so doing, his clients immediately see opportunities for action that were invisible before. From there, they quickly move forward with more confidence and competence.

Client Focus

  • Chris has 18 years of management experience in the hospitality industry ultimately becoming the COO of a major, full-service, US restaurant chain. He doubled the size of the company in 2 years from 61 to 128 restaurants with responsibility for over 8,000 employees and 400 managers reporting through a de-layered 6 level chain of command.
  • Subsequently, he has spent over 20 years as a management consultant to mid-sized companies, achieving global recognition in organizational design, organizational development, business development and performance management.
  • His focus is on helping companies “Get the people part right.” Upon successful implementation, employees at all organizational levels are better able to work to their full potential, and feel that their boss, when needed, adds significant value to their work. Both are critical factors in eradicating disengagement.
  • In recent years, Chris has developed 3 lean managerial leadership systems that reframe how companies view hierarchy, delegation and performance management. When properly implemented, they drive accelerated business results in revenue, gross margin and EBITDA.

Publications, Conferences, Academics & Social Impact

  • Chris holds a B.A. in Philosophy with distinction from Arizona State University
  • He also holds an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management
  • Chris was awarded a Judo Black Belt in 1969
  • Chris is a former US National Judo Champion and international competitor
  • His lean instincts were honed early as a young Judo Sensei who trained and coached 5 US National Judo Champions, and 1 World Grand Prix Judo Champion.