ICG produces a suite of world-class publications covering a breadth of topic areas. From our highly popular Knowledge Area Reviews (KARs®) to our innovative Global Industry Radars (GIRs), we offer clients the ability to get smart on a given topic or industry quickly and cost-effectively.

Every working day, ICG delivers or provides access to world class thinking thorough its publications library to clients around the globe ranging from start-ups to multi-national companies.

Our publications pillar is a fundamental part of ICG’s platform. It comprises information and knowledge, carefully curated and assembled, draw from the world’s thought leaders. It is designed to be used by clients directly, or alternatively by our professionals in helping their clients.

ICG’s publication library is open architecture and this has two very important advantages over traditional consulting model approaches for two reasons:

  • Transparency means ICG and its professionals have no incentive to share one client’s IP with another (as any IP is readily accessible via our platform – and, ICG goes to great lengths to ensure only client safe IP is made available to others)
  • In addition, the cost of access is substantially reduced because it is priced for use by a commissioning client and uniquely made available to subsequent clients through our library, or via a master access agreement.

ICG is committed to building the world’s most accessible, unbundled, high quality and impactful library for clients and our professionals. To access publications click here for the ICG store.

Our publications are categorised at three levels – type, title and issue number:

1. Publication Type

ICG is constantly adding to its publication types. These are designed to represent an architected category of information and or knowledge that is useful to clients and ICG professionals. As an example ICG’s TIR (The Insights Review) provides a curated review of the world’s leading open source consulting insights. The latest ICG Publication types are represented below – click on a publication category to learn more about each type.

To access publications click here for the ICG store.

2. Title

Each Publication Type may have many titles. These can range for KARs® (e.g., Knowledge Area Reviews – KAR® 029 Retail and Commercial Banking Distribution) on titles such as Pricing for Retail Banking, and Best Practices in the Governance of Industry Associations. They may also represent very different titles at opposing ends of a content spectrum, for example Certified Case Studies on Tied Mortgage Distribution in the Canadian Mortgage Market, or a case study on the B2B2C ecosystem play Rakuten.

To access publications click here for the ICG store.

3. Issue Number

Most titles have a single issue which is the latest issue of that title (e.g., KAR® 029). Titles can be updated and refreshed over their lives reflecting new developments and insights. Publication titles which are more of a periodic, such as annual benchmarking survey reports and The Insights Review (TIR) may have issues periodically such as one a month, or once a quarter. See tiles below for some specific examples.

December 2015 / January 2016

October/November 2015

September 2015


See all past TIR issues here: The Insights Review (TIR) – Archive

Our publications are accessible from your preferred accredited professional, or from your preferred HUB or from the ICG store 24*7. Click here to access a list of our HUBs and click here to access the ICG store.