ICG produces a suite of world-class publications covering a breadth of topic areas. From our highly popular Knowledge Area Reviews (KARs®) to our innovative Global Industry Radars (GIRs), our consultants can offer their clients the ability to get smart on a given topic or industry quickly and cost-effectively.

ICG is committed to Industrialised Adhocracy ® – the idea of unbundled consulting in which each element of the consulting project effort (or adhocracy) is able to be selected and aggregated in a unique permutation. Publications (i.e., information and knowledge) are a fundamental building block of most successful projects so ICG works with its accredited professionals and clients around the world to both build a world class repository of these publications, but to also help our accredited professionals identify and contribute publications types, publication titles, or even specific publication issues as parts of their efforts to capture non client proprietary IP in a safe re-usable manner which can be monetised through the global ICG platform.

Publications are an excellent way to establish rapport and demonstrate value to a new or existing client, either in commissioning a new publication or by making a “back-book” title available to them as they are considering a strategic issue.

The development and creation of ICG publications is typically initiated in three ways:

1. Originated by a client or an accredited professional working for a client

A client (Business leader or internal consulting professional) may be seeking a title on a specific topic and will approach ICG or review the ICG store. If the title doesn’t yet exist, then the client may request (through their preferred accredited professional or preferred HUB) that it be commissioned and ICG’s publication’s team will work swiftly, often deploying ICG’s unique BAF® (Best Accredited-Professional Forward) process, to assemble the very best team of experts and authors to prepare the publication. Once the publication is delivered to the client, subject to any constraints, it will be added to the library.

2. Published by an accredited professional following one of their ICG or non-ICG client engagements

This process requires complete sanitisation and repackaging to ICG standards including careful adherence to copyright and licensing laws. Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

3. Written and published by an Accredited Professional for the purpose of creating ‘backbook’ sales revenues

Accredited Professionals are also now authoring and publishing sub-segmented categories of titles with the aim of building a global practice or library of titles that will attract a global client following. This is a way to build an anti-fragile income and be a recognised expert and author on a given topic.

For more details on our publications pillar see:

Publication pillar for clients

Publication platform pillar guide (On the GDRIVE) Only available to accredited professionals

Contact your local C-suite or the Global Partner responsible for publications: [email protected]