ICG is committed to Industrialised Adhocracy® – the idea of unbundled consulting in which each element of the consulting project effort (or adhocracy) is able to be selected and aggregated in a unique permutation.

Services (Complementary support tools) are a fundamental building block of most successful projects so ICG works with its accredited professionals and clients around the world to both build a world class curated catalogue of these services, but to also help our accredited professionals identify useful tools, or refine and build services which can be added to the ICG platform. This has numerous benefits for all parties as it creates a one stop shop for consulting resources, it provides a proven and battle tested portfolio of tools, and it ensures that ICG accredited professionals are already equipped and or expert in the use of these tools, so can provide learning and development modules, or consulting services to aid in the selection of the right tools, and their effective use.

For more details on our services pillar see:

Publication pillar for clients

Contact [email protected] for a copy of the Services platform pillar guide (Only available to accredited professionals).

Contact your local c-suite or the global partner responsible for services: [email protected]