Title: eBay-style platform gives strategy consulting clients more choice
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Date: 25th October 2016
Section: Accounting & Consulting
Author: Edmund Tadros
Edmund Tadros is the accounting and consulting editor at the Australian Financial Review – Australia’s leading business paper. In this full-page article, he outlines the ICG platform and why it is superior to traditional consulting business models for both clients and consultants. He quotes strategy heads from the big four, who argue that ICG is only impacting the freelance industry and only good for small projects. Edmund interviews two very senior executives from Navitas and Suncorp, who are ICG clients that counter this by describing why they picked ICG for major transformation projects (e.g. Gary quotes 10 ICG consultants for a year-long project).
The article is supported by two cut-out stories, one with our clients and one comparing us to local Australian competition and highlighting ICG’s lower margins.
Both Himanshu Dua (SYD HUB) and David Moloney (SYD HUB) are extensively quoted.
2016 – The Year of Acceleration.