Title: Can computers replace recruiters?
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Date: 1st May 2015
Section: Careers
Author: Leah Eichler
Overview: In a recent piece for The Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper, Leah Eichler wrote about the explosion in the usages of big data and technology. Eichler highlighted both the power of technology, its adoption, especially mobile, by Millennials and the disruptive implications of changes in the marketplace globally. More and more job seekers are using mobile devices to look for work and as such are usurping traditional recruiting approaches. The impact – improved productivity, a wider scope, the ability to evaluate automatically, and the perception of a better overall experience. Could this be the golden age of hiring? Gerry Purcell of ICG warns companies to tread carefully when relying on big data for hiring decisions. “While the engines are more powerful than they ever have been, and the buy-in is higher as the numbers can be crunched faster and easier, the underlying math is the same and, still susceptible to the same biases”. ICG’s own recruiting and deployment technologies, the Industrialized Adhocracy platform, are built on a foundation of rigorous curation of the potential labour pool, certification of each candidate and the ability of the hiring manager to choose from a pool of fit for purpose resources.