Why join?

Depending on your particular needs or circumstances, there are many scenarios where ICG can add value to you.

Are you a successful independent consultant, who is selling more than you can do yourself and looking to take the next step up but cautious about adding the fixed costs and risks of employees, offices etc?

ICG can provide you with the right resources as you need them to support larger projects. These are individuals that are highly credentialled, the majority out of the blue-chip consulting firms or executive roles, many of whom have been vetted on other ICG projects. You make a margin on all the resources you sell.

Just need to do a bit of work on your own for an existing client?

ICG is “opt-in”, there is no requirement to put all your revenue through the model. You decide what revenue to put through the model, in cases where you need to use the brand, services or one of our components.

Is consulting just a segue to your next full-time role?

Even if consulting is potentially just a segue, ICG provides you with access to additional opportunities, the ability to expand your network and potentially find your next full-time role through an ICG contact or assignment. There are many ICG consultants who have been able to leverage ICG opportunities into fulltime or long-term contracts. It also provides potential work through the transition period and a great foundation on which to build when you do finally transition into the portfolio career.

Do you need to access top-quality support services while minimising your fixed overhead?

Need quality support services to support the work you have but don’t want the fixed overhead. ICG can provide support services tailored to management consulting, including production support, access to serviced offices and a technology platform and PI insurance cover for your ICG assignments. We even have a sophisticated PowerPoint consulting template that allows you to access an extensive range of slides, charts, graphics and macros to enable the efficient production of high-end consulting output.

Do you have a great tool, methodology or IP?

We can help you “productise” it and get distribution across our fast-growing network of almost 2000 professionals in 9 locations with clients all around the world already using the ICG model.

Do you want to keep up with the latest thinking in consulting?

If you want to see what is happening in the consulting industry ICG is the place to be. We keep you updated on the latest trends in project types, what is selling, the latest thinking through our global thought leaders and we even review and curate all the insights published by our competitors through The Insight Review.

Are you an established boutique thinking about how to expand your markets without taking a lot of risk and fixed cost?

ICG Operates globally with hubs in Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Europe and the Americas, with access to network of consultants that numbers almost 2000 and is growing rapidly by the month. If you have a compelling offer, ICG provides the opportunity to leverage without the need to risk the partners’ cash and profits in establishing new locations.

Have strong client relationships with needs you can’t currently cater to or even just referrals that you don’t wish to undertake yourself?

Find subject-matter experts, publications, tools and methodologies, research, learning and development and other services that you can now bring to those relationships, expanding your ability to meet their needs and grow your opportunities. Or you can simply fulfil the referral through the network, earning the margin on the opportunity.

Looking to get into consulting?

Looking to get back into consulting on your own terms or into consulting for the first time from a more corporate background. ICG can give you a big kick-start, with access to projects, learning and development, consulting tools, products you can get trained or accredited in and a network of peers you can connect to. We can even help you market to your client list, providing content and newsletters for you to distribute on a regular basis to keep you top of mind.

Once you are up to speed in the model you can even become a practice leader in your field of expertise. Collaborating and sharing knowledge with like-minded consultants in your local Hub and around the world and expanding your opportunities together.

Want to expand your consulting career beyond your local boundaries?

Individual professionals have gone on to build successful business around a single component (e.g. global industry radar, GIRs), around a practice (eg Leadership and executive development LED) or around themselves by combining forces with other professional consultants they need to lead large-scale, high-impact projects.

So, once you are up to speed in the model, you can become expert in individual components that align with your passion and skills. You can become a practice leader in your field of expertise, collaborating and sharing knowledge with like-minded consultants in your local Hub and around the world and expanding your opportunities together. Or simply collaborate with others to access much larger opportunities than you could possibly consider on your own.

Once you are up to speed in the model you can even become a practice leader in your field of expertise. Collaborating and sharing knowledge with like-minded consultants in your local Hub and around the world and expanding your opportunities together.

Establishing a portfolio career?

Done with full-time work? ICG provides a 21st Century flexible framework that allows you to define the level of engagement that works for you. You can simply keep an eye out for work that fits your skills and experience or use the model to develop opportunities within your network. Either way, you can remain connected to the latest thinking through our local meetings, training, materials and webinars as well as connect to like-minded peers.

Do you want the benefits of a professional association?

ICG gives you access to training and tools including accreditation in well-tested products such as Blue Ocean Strategy(R), resources and services as noted above.

Do you simply want to be able to connect and share with like-minded consultants?

Being an independent consultant can be lonely at times. Our local hubs have quarterly meetings where we have professional development seminars on the latest thinking, updates on the ICG products and platform and the opportunity to socialise with other consultants over drinks and food. You can also connect globally through various webinars, practices, our intranet and email network.